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news / stir-story 07.06.2017 Words: Awais Bhattee

Season Three Voting Commentary #4


Stir Fans, welcome to the Final 3 weeks! I am your host, Awais Bhattee, and as always we will be breaking down the numbers and getting the totes for the votes.

Let’s begin from where we left off last week.

Season 3 2017: 1 June

Rank # Project Name Votes
1 Jessica Dencio SFX 183
2 The ANU Observer 159
3 Shane: Barber for Women 115
4 Strait-Laced Media 77
5 Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb 73
6 Pseudo Luxury 70
7 CanDev 65
=7 wacom4stories 65
9 Mars Underground 56
10 Unifest @ UC 52
11 Creative Beasts 46
12 Endrey Album Printing 43
13 The Just Be Revolution 38
14 Scrapper 35
15 PatchWords 33
=15 Project Magram 33


(Bold Projects gathered more than 50 votes in the last period,
Green went up in rank, Black stayed even, Red went down)

Another 333 votes have been added in the span of just 1 week!

Let’s bring up the updated leaderboard now!

Season 3 2017: 7 June

Rank # Project Name Votes
1 Jessica Dencio SFX 193
2 Shane: Barber for Women 170
3 The ANU Observer 163
4 Tanemaki 148
5 Strait-Laced Media 81
6 Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb 80
7 CanDev 76
8 Pseudo Luxury 75
9 w a c o m 4 s t o r i e s 71
10 Mars Underground 60
11 Creative Beasts 58
12 Unifest @ UC 52
13 Endrey Album Printing 45
14 The Just Be Revolution 39
15 Scrapper 36


(Bold Projects gathered more than 50 votes in the last period,
Green went up in rank, Black stayed even, Red went down)

Wowee!! Big news coming from the top of the board.
Shane: Barber for Women has cut the gap between them and the top spot, in the process overtaking The ANU Observer. Hopefully the student run organisation can hold strong as they observe the end of semester exam period.

*swoooooosh* *zip* *boom*

Hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen! Who is this zooming into the leaderboard with 124 votes in less than a week! At an average speed of 17+ votes a day, it is none other than a Stir veteran, Tanemaki!

In Stir Season One, with a total of 239 votes, Survival went onto kickstart their board game design, Vivarium successfully with over $44,000 pledged! This year, Tanemaki is a collaboration between the couple to bring Japanese inspired vegan food to our local events and markets!

Tanemaki’s voting triumph this week is a perfect example of why it isn’t over till the bell has rung. 100 votes in a matter of a week is not a myth or an impossible task. Multiple teams proved that last year too. So as a reminder to our current teams, don’t stop hustling for votes.
But more importantly as inspiration for someone in the audience who has an idea they want to let out. JUST DO IT!

At the risk of turning my commentating microphone into that of a preacher’s, I myself was inspired by a speech Mark Zuckerberg made recently. In it he made the statement,

The challenge for our generation is creating a world where everyone has a sense of purpose”. Whether you are a project creator or supporter, you are part of the solution to this challenge. Let’s make it happen!

Now back to the program. Last week I introduced a new segment of the show called “Fresh Feats”, with the purpose of sharing and highlighting the fact that every week more and more new projects are joining the platform. It is their way of making their dreams closer to reality! All these projects are inspirational. My hope is that by seeing the diversity of these projects, someone in the audience also gets inspired to take those first steps.

It is a bit poetic to find out, just as I write these words, that a new project signed up. Again to keep it interesting we are going to mark each mystery link with a cryptic clue! Here is your chance to read up on a cool project you may not otherwise have come across!

Never too Young to be in the Sun! Fresh Feat #01
Is there a Doctor in the House? Fresh Feat #02
Jazz up the Show! Fresh Feat #03

This season of Stir reaching the home straight. Next week join Votes Commentary again as we come into the last fortnight.  This is Awais signing off, wishing you good luck and happy hustling.

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