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news / journal 01.06.2017 Words:Awais Bhattee

Season Three Voting Commentary #3


Take a seat, Stir fans! Big developments on the voting front as we jump into the last 30 days of voting! I am your host, Awais Bhattee, and on this episode of Votes Commentary we will break down the numbers.

As always let’s start by looking at the old numbers and see how they have adjusted

Season 3 2017: 10 May

Rank # Project Name Votes
1 The ANU Observer 146
2 Jessica Dencio SFX 120
3 Shane: Barber for Women 82
4 Acess CV 77
5 CanDev 55
6 UniFest @ UC 50
7 wacom4stories 43
8 Endrey Album Printing 42
9 Strait-Laced Media 34
10 Scrapper 32
=10 PatchWords 32
12 Project Magram 31
13 Sneaker 25
14 With Grace 23
15 Mars Underground 22


(Bold Projects gathered more than 50 votes in the last period,
Green went up in rank, Black stayed even, Red went down)

Oh wait. I am being told something in my ear…



OK! So Stir fans we have an update on our total counts.
Two projects who were strong contenders have graciously stepped back. For the latest in this news we cross over to the blog to hear the official announcement from the Stir Team.

*Yes Fans, please do cross over to the announcement*

Wow we are back. Again a gracious thanks to the two projects, Access CV and Lito, for stepping back and providing creatives a chance to compete for Stir’s grants.

Now, let’s bring up the updated leaderboard.

Season 3 2017: 1 June

Rank # Project Name Votes
1 Jessica Dencio SFX 183
2 The ANU Observer 159
3 Shane: Barber for Women 115
4 Strait-Laced Media 77
5 Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb 73
6 Pseudo Luxury 70
7 CanDev 65
=7 wacom4stories 65
9 Mars Underground 56
10 Unifest @ UC 52
11 Creative Beasts 46
12 Endrey Album Printing 43
13 The Just Be Revolution 38
14 Scrapper 35
15 PatchWords 33
=15 Project Magram 33


(Bold Projects gathered more than 50 votes in the last period,
Green went up in rank, Black stayed even, Red went down)

We have a new number one, Jessica Dencio SFX, taking over The ANU Observer, proving that you cannot rest on your laurels.

Pseudo Luxury jump-er-ed up into the top 5. “Local and affordable clothing inspired by a blend of streetwear, luxury fashion brands and nostalgia.” This project aims to source ethical production and combines that with local print and embroidery.

Tributary Projects Gallery Refurb is our second new project that jumped into the leaderboard. “Tributary Projects is a community arts association based in Canberra. Currently running a gallery and studio space in Fyshwick… the Gallery fills a particular niche in Canberra – that of an affordable exhibition space for emerging and mid-career artists.”

They are already exhibiting great talent but need a little more help to brighten the place up and pay for lighting and labour costs. The latest exhibition is on now too, so do check that out as well, details on their website.

Congratulations to the three projects above for scoring over 50 votes in the last period. Also, I want to introduce a new segment. Let’s call it ‘Fresh Feats’.

It’s remarkable to see how much support comes out for new projects. With less than 30 days left to go, a casual viewer might think that the leaderboard is locked up. History will tell you the opposite. The hard work is far from over. Not only will the teams on the leaderboard have to fight for their right to stay there. New teams will most definitely jump out of the woodwork in the last 30 days to claim a spot.

Before we round up the commentary every episode, Fresh Feat will showcase three new projects on the site each week. They may or may not be on the leaderboard, but without a shadow of a doubt, they have the potential to become real in the real world. To keep it interesting we are going to mark each mystery link with a cryptic clue! Here is your chance to read up on a cool project you may not otherwise have come across!

Turn up the music! Fresh Feat #01
Looming Large! Fresh Feat #02
Don’t let your dreams be dreams! Fresh Feat #03

Stay tuned as our Votes Commentary becomes a weekly feature in the last 30 days! This is Awais signing off, wishing you good luck and happy hustling.

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