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Writers Wanted

The Stir team is looking for people who are passionate about writing, art, design, music, crafts, science and humanities to contribute to the Stir blog. Even if you have no previous experience in writing, we would love to hear from you!


What is Stir

Stir is a platform that helps people with backgrounds in the arts, crafts, design and humanities to engage with entrepreneurship.

We provide a simple set of online tools and educational resources that guide you through the process of transforming your passions into a project proposal, venture concept or exciting new career path!

Each year, Stir offers a number of $500 and $1000 grants to people who have uploaded their projects to our platform. Grant recipients are chosen through public voting, promoting and connecting the next generation of creative entrepreneurs with the local innovation community

Stir has provided the starting point in the entrepreneurial journey of over 140 young creatives from areas as diverse as music, food, games, events, education and philosophy.

Why the blog exists?

The blog  features announcements, interviews with inspiring creatives, promotion of past projects, educational tools and skillshares as well as thought and opinion pieces. Writers will receive payment per article basis.

Through sharing knowledge and experience with the next generation we can grow a stronger creative industry here in Canberra and Australia more broadly.

If you’re interested in helping build this platform, regardless of your writing experience, get in touch via


the blog

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Browse Creative Projects

  Season 03
Strait-Laced Media

A boutique digital media company that produces graphical experiences across a variety of story telling mediums.

232 Votes
  Season 04
MOONBOY By Josh Garrard Design

MOONBOY By Josh Garrard Design is a T-shirt design project, created and screenprinted in Canberra.

192 Votes
  Season 01

Combining online real-time and non real-time learning into a single user friendly e-learning tool.

6 Votes
  Season 02
Pretty Dangerous Science

Workshops which help you become a creator instead of consumer of science technology.

166 Votes


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