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news 27.04.2017 Words:Awais Bhattee

Season Three Voting Commentary #01

Season Three has already been running for three weeks! This can only mean one thing – projects have accumulated votes. Stir is happy to welcome back Awais Bhattee to the Stir platform. As a former grant recipient and local games guru, Awais will be providing much needed commentary and progress updates to those closely watching the votes.


Stir Fans, for you today we have the first of our Votes Commentary. I am your commentator Awais Bhattee, and will join you on this journey. There will be 10 episodes coming to you, as we follow the stories and votes for Season Three of Stir.

Let’s start this by putting into perspective what is on the line!

Thanks to our proud sponsors, every single project that makes the top 10 will receive a ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR grant.

How do you get into the top 10? It’s an easier said than done job of gathering the most votes before our finish line on June 29!

As I mentioned, this is not an easy job! Before we take a look at our projects for Season Three, I wanted to share the results of our last two seasons.

Season 1 2015

Rank #Project NameVotes
1 Survival239
2 Project Mood171
3 Pickle! Podcast124
4 Cleverbee100
5 Demos Journal99
6 Lacklustre Records98
7 Stass Combs95
8 Chippar92
9 Evergreen 91
10 EntrepreneurshipUC89
=10 Young In Canberra89

Season 2 2016

Rank #Project NameVotes
3Made in CBR225
4Paragon Games224
7Shirty Science205
8World Photo Day204

As you would have noticed, the competition in Season Two got very fierce.

Just comparing Season 2’s 10th place at 198 votes versus Season 1’s 2nd place at 171 votes, shows you the magnitude of effort made in getting votes in the last season.

The question on my mind is whether Season Three, with its long voting period that ends in just over 2 months, will have as strong a fight? With 51 projects already listed this season and probably a few more to come, it’s shaping up to be an exciting voting period.

Now let’s take our first look at votes for this season!

Season 3 2017: April 27

Rank #Project NameVotes
1The ANU Observer143
2Access CV71
3Jessica Dencio SFX69
4Project Magram30
=7Shane: Barber for Women25
10With Grace21
11Double Shot14
=11Mars Underground14
=15Amy Ferreira7

Now before we take out the magnifying glass and further analyse how projects gather votes, I wanted to throw out a disclaimer. The concrete numbers you can take as fact. But please do take any commentary with a grain of salt, as these are just opinion pieces from yours truly. Also, I do not apologise for any puns made :p

The ANU Observer, a media outlet making news for itself! Congratulations are due as it has already crossed the 100 votes milestone.

To the casual observer, you would think that a majority of the votes may have come from its 1000 strong Facebook page. That’s probably true, but you have to also account for the fact that The ANU Observer went out of its way to enlist help from other Facebook communities – in this case the 10 000+ member strong ANU Stalkerspace. With a strong lead, this project is definitely the one to keep an eye on.

Jessica Dencia SFX is gathering votes with stunning FX. This project truly shows that talent speaks for itself. If you are not afraid of a bit of gore, check out a recent video on the project’s Facebook page.

Access CV definitely shows that just because you are new to the job market, it doesn’t mean you don’t have previous skills or experience. Having only started the project in March, the project can already boast having a group of volunteers and genuinely helps others out. 70 votes away from the leader may seem like a lot, but it’s still very early days and in my qualified opinion, this project has the potential to gather the most votes.

Why? Because traditionally most projects have gotten their votes through theproject lead’s determination and motivation. However, the most successful vote accumulators have also been able to gather multiple champions, each of them doing their bit to hustle votes. If Access CV, or any other project for that matter, is able to turn their supporters into champions they may have the chance to be the first project to crack 300 votes.

I’m excited just thinking about the potential we have in this year’s projects. With that, this is going to be a wrap up for today’s commentary. I will be back with my next update in a fortnight. The closer we get to the June 29 final voting day, the more coverage you will see. It was a pleasure having your company. This is Awais signing off, and wishing you good luck and happy hustling.

Looking to see what projects you can vote for this year?
Find all Season Three Projects by clicking here.

If you are running a project or acting as a supporter check out this article with voting advice from past participants.

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