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news / journal 28.06.2017 Words:Stir Crew

The Final Stretch

Coming up to the last day of Stir Season Three, we want to provide a quick rundown on how the process will go from here.

The first thing that is important to note is that, in order to make the final stretch a bit more exciting, we will be hiding the votes at midnight of the 28th of June (tonight). Vote tallies will no longer be visible, but the system will be accepting votes until 11:59pm on the 29th of June, as per our Terms and Conditions.

Once voting closes, we will undertake due diligence on the votes received. This means that any votes created through illegitimate emails, duplicate votes and votes made by the same people using multiple accounts. Last year this process allowed us to detect a number of invalid votes which resulted in some changes in the final results. We discourage you from undertaking any of these practices as they may lead to unfortunate surprises on the day of the StirXP.

Please remember that in order to receive a grant, you must be present at the StirXP. It will be a day of activities and opportunities to meet the Stir Crew and some of the awesome project creators from this and previous seasons, learn from each other and share. We encourage you to attend and of course, invite any friends, family and other supporters to find out more about Stir.

The awards ceremony will commence at 5pm, and we will be hearing a brief speech from some of our awesome sponsors and supporters. Thanks to these sponsors, we have a number of grants to hand out:

10 x $1000 Season Three Grants

These grants are possible thanks to the support of Bendigo Bank, Inspiring the ACT, CITSA, and the University of Canberra. These grants are available to all project creators, and will be awarded to the ten projects with the most votes.

2 x $500 Stir in School Grants (Public Schools)

These two grants are possible thanks to the support of the University of Canberra. They will be awarded to the two projects created by current students of ACT Schools that have received the most votes, but are not within the ten most voted projects.

2 x $500 Stir in School Grants (Private/Independent Schools)

These two grants are possible thanks to the support of the Association of Independent Schools ACT. They will be awarded to the two projects created by current students of AISACT member schools that have received the most votes, but are not within the ten most voted projects.

1 x $1000 Stir CITSA Grant

This special grant is possible thanks to the CIT Student Association, and will be provided to the most voted project created by a current student of CIT that is not within the top ten.

Because we want to encourage as many creative entrepreneurs as possible, each grant will be separate and no one project can receive more than one grant.

Once grants are announced, we will ask grant recipients to sign some certificates of appreciation for our sponsors. The Stir Crew will contact grant recipients during the following week to let them know of the information they will need to provide in order to receive the grant, which will be deposited to an account of their choosing. At that time we will also arrange a time to contact grant recipients so that they can inform us of how the grant money has been spent. This helps the Stir Crew to show that our grants are beneficial to project creators and make it easier to secure additional grants for our next season.

We are very excited about all of the projects we have received. This has been our biggest season yet, and we are grateful for everybody’s effort and commitment to their projects and those of others.

We wish you the best of luck in these final hours, and are looking forward to meeting you all at the StirXP!

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