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news / journal 16.12.2016 Words:Stir Crew

Summer of Stir: Devika Learning

To celebrate the close of our Summer of Stir collaboration with Devika Learning, part of the Stir Crew headed up to Wollongong to announce the recipient of the $500 grant. This grant was delivered as part of Stir’s first excursion beyond the ACT.


The announcement coincided with Schnitzel & Pixels, the video game developer meetup organised by Wollongong Games. The event, hosted at the North Wollongong Hotel invited local game developers, to showcase, share and playtest their games across a variety of platforms including virtual and mixed reality.

Wollongong’s emerging game development community made Stir feel welcome and at home.

Many of the games present were the results of Devika’s first 10 week learning program, aimed at teaching school kids how to work on games of their own, virtual reality and web development.


Big congratulations to the most voted project, Zombie Shooter VR.

We look forward to continuing our engagement with the Wollongong scene. In particular, it would be great to engage with other creative communities and see more young women being encouraged to pursue their creative projects.

All projects uploaded during the Summer of Stir are eligible for Season 03, which will be launching in April, 2017. You can view and comment on all of the Summer of Stir projects here.

Peep more photos from the night here. Stay tuned for more Summer of Stir Collaborations coming soon!

If your organisation would like to support a Summer of Stir grant, contact us via


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