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Stir Season Three

We are happy to announce that the Stir Season Three grants round will be launching at 5pm on the 6th of April at the You Are Here Festival. Voting opens on that day and will remain open until the end of the season on the 29th of June. If you would like to take part as a project creator or supporter, this is where you’ll find an overview of how to publish, comment and vote on projects.


Key Dates:

6th April – Launch and Voting Opens

Every Wednesday from the 22nd March to 31st May – Project Creation Workshops

29th June – Voting Closes

1st July – StirXP and Grants Announced!

Stir is a crowd-voted grants platform for creative projects, and each year we offer a number of $1000 grants. These grants are intended for people who are looking to pursue their passions as a career path, experience entrepreneurship, and/or get some additional support and exposure for a project they are working on.

Who is it for?

Stir is mainly for what we call “emergent creatives”. This means that its main focus is people who are looking to get started on their first creative entrepreneurship project. Whether it be from the arts, design, sciences or humanities, Stir is a gateway into the entrepreneurship world. There are several different ways to get involved:

Project Creators
Do you have an idea for a creative project you’ve always wanted to work on? Are you currently working on a project you are passionate about and need some additional support?

Stir provides a simple, step-by-step way to structure and describe a project aimed at getting people’s support. Our process has been developed in collaboration with a range of young (and young-at-heart) creatives, and is based on prominent entrepreneurship education practices. The process goes through five stages which will help you to cover the key aspects of an entrepreneurial project. It’s all online, and can be done from your computer. Throughout the process, you’ll find simple tools to help you with some of the steps. If you need some help, you can also come to one of our Project Creation Workshops. Keep an eye on our Facebook to hear about events.

Project Mentors
Do you have professional experience in the arts, design, science or humanities? Do you have have skills or experience in starting and growing a business? Would you like to pass that experience on to the next generation?

Stir provides a unique opportunity to provide guidance and advice to emergent creatives during the early stages of their careers. By commenting directly on a project’s page, you can provide feedback and ideas on how to improve. This will help them to overcome some of the obstacles commonly faced by professional creatives and entrepreneurs. Comments and replies are kept between you and the project creator. Mentors are an important part of the entrepreneurship economy. Join the Stir community and help us to increase emergent creatives’ chances for success!

Project Voters
Do you want to support a local creative and help them receive some funding and exposure? Are you interested in cool and exciting new projects related to the arts, design, science and humanities?

Stir allows you to be an important part of deciding which projects will receive a $1000 grant. All you have to do is register on the site using a valid email (this is important as it allows us to ensure your votes are legit), browse the many awesome projects, and vote for the ones you want to see succeed! It’s quick, it’s easy, and every vote encourages someone to pursue their passions!

Why are Stir grants crowd-voted?

Because rather than judging which projects are the best, we like to encourage every project creator to show their commitment and passion by gathering support from the community. Gathering support is an important part of every entrepreneurial journey, and is a great skill to develop. Stir provides an easy way for you to get some experience in promoting your work, and at the end, you might find you’re great at it. On the 29th of June voting closes, and after a short due diligence process (to make sure votes are real), the ten projects with the most votes will each receive a $1000 grant!

What kind of projects are eligible?

If you consider your project to be creative, it is eligible. Our focus is early stage projects from the arts, design, sciences and humanities, but we are very flexible and love to be surprised. Whether it’s a series of events, a website or blog, a podcast or radio show, a publication, comic book, science experiment, small business, food stall, a venue, design studio, product, board game or something even more creative, we would love to see your project on the site. Click here to see the variety of projects that have gone through Stir in past seasons. Just make sure that you are not hurting anyone, hating anyone, exploiting anyone, breaking the law, encouraging people to break the law, or doing anything unethical. We do reserve the right to contact you if there are any doubts about the legality/ethics of what you’re doing.

What does “emergent” mean?

Stir aims to support people getting started on a creative career or taking their first steps in creative entrepreneurship. This means that we do not have an age limit. So far our youngest project creator is 11, and our youngest at heart is 52. If your project is already established and successful, however, there may be other, better avenues for support. If you are unsure about your “emergent” status get in touch and we’ll work it out or point you in the direction of more adequate programs.

What can I use the grant for?

Stir grants are intended to help you with your project. They can be used to get started: buying tools, covering early web costs or even incorporating; They can also be used to develop or grow an existing project: producing promotional material, hiring special services, buying supplies, etc. It can also be used strategically to help you acquire other funding later. As long as you’re putting the money towards your project, we’re happy. Which brings us to…

What happens if I receive a grant?

First, you celebrate! Then, you provide us with an invoice so that we can pay you. If you don’t have an ABN or ACN, we will be running workshops both during and after Season Three to help you get one. We will contact you after a few months to ask what you’ve spent the money on, so please keep any receipts. This helps us to show our sponsors (who provide the funding) how useful their money can be when put in the hands of passionate creatives.

What happens if I don’t receive a grant?

You stay motivated and keep working on your project, or start working on another. Projects that don’t receive grants remain eligible for the next season, and we strongly encourage you to push on for the next round! If you would like to know what you can do to improve, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to help you receive a grant in the following season (or point you in the direction of other ways to get support for your project).

What happens at the end of Season Three?

We do our best to promote everybody who has created a project on Stir, whether they receive a grant or not. We contact all project creators to share their stories on our blog or podcast. This is an important source of inspiration for the next generation of project creators. If you’re still working on your project next year, you’ll be invited to take part in the StirXP and show what you’re doing, share what you’ve learnt, provide advice and, if relevant, sell your products. We also have other exciting things in the works, but we’ll leave you in suspense until we’ve worked them out #sointriguing…

What happens if I don’t have a project but would like to be involved?

There are several important ways to be part of the Stir community, mainly by providing comments and voting on projects. You can also help by sharing your knowledge or experience through our blog. You can also help Stir by partnering with us and spreading the word to your community. We’re building a movement, and we’d love you to be a part of it.   And just for fun, come to one of our Project Creation Sessions anyway. You may find you actually do have a project, that it’s super cool, and that on the 1st of July, you’re receiving a grant!

If you have any further questions, send us an email:

Stir Season Three
Launching 5pm April 6th, 2017


Follow us to stay in the loop.



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