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news / journal 07.02.2017 Words:Stir Crew

Stir Melbourne

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Stir was accepted to hold a stall at Pause Fest.

In celebration of this opportunity we’ve decided to give out a $250 grant at the end of the festival. If you already have a project on the platform, login with the email you used to create your project and accept the invitation (it’ll be at the top of the page once you log in – this will be available even if you’ve already won a grant). Any new projects will also be eligible for the grant automatically.

This will allow us to invite the people we meet down here to take part in voting and commenting on projects, experiencing the full nature of Stir. The project that receives the most votes between 9am on Wednesday the 8th and 6pm Friday the 10th of February will receive $250 and some surprise loot (to be determined shortly). Only new votes count, so share and tag Pause Fest to get people excited.

If you have any questions, send the Stir Crew an email at

Any project published during this period will also be eligible for Season Three launching in April, 2017.

Follow the action live through our social media channels and tune into the Stir Blog for daily recaps.

Let’s show Melbourne how CBR gets down.


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