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news / commentary 29.06.2017 Words:Awais Bhattee

Season Three Voting Commentary #8


I’m going to miss shouting those words as I type them up! G-G-GOOOOOOOOOD EVENING!! For indeed Stir fans, this shall be the final votes commentary, as the most exciting votes race in the nation’s capital comes to an exciting conclusion! Tonight at midnight (Thursday 29th) voting will cease for Stir Season Three. But as we all know, votes have been already been hidden.

This is to ensure the integrity of the competition. Illegitimate votes will be deducted from the totals and fingers crossed there are no devious vote dopers this year that get disqualified.
Both to give the award management team some time, and to create a million butterflies in the stomachs of our contenders, final votes and our winners will for the first time be announced at the Award Ceremony at the Stir XP (RSVP now!).

Now let us take a look at the leaderboard where we left off on Monday!

Season 3 2017: 26 June

RankProject NameVotesChange
1Shane: Barber for Women252+ 24
2Jessica Dencio SFX251+ 37
3The ANU Observer194+ 10
4Foxes: The Musical by Ribix181+ 25
5Tanemaki163+ 3
6Strait-Laced Media157+ 54
7CanDev155+ 26
=7w a c o m 4 s t o r i e s155+ 46
9Pseudo Luxury131+ 49
10Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb127+ 37
11Creative Beasts123+ 2
12Mars Underground93+ 13
13Codename AstroNut85+ 22
14Scrapper68+ 17
15Patchwords 63+ 8

(Bold Projects gathered more than 50 votes in the last period, Green went up in rank, Black stayed even, Red went down)

Thanks to the Stir Crew I got access to the votes at midnight last night. So that means I have the results from when they were last visible to the general public.

In roughly 48 hours we blew past any and all records previously held. Take a look below.

Season 3 2017: 28 June Midnight

RankProject NameVotesChange
1Shane: Barber for Women362+ 110
2Jessica Dencio SFX319+ 68
3Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb248+ 121
4Foxes: The Musical by Ribix244+ 63
5Tanemaki221+ 58
6Strait-Laced Media212+ 55
7Creative Beasts211+ 88
8w a c o m 4 s t o r i e s204+ 41
=8The ANU Observer204+ 10
10Codename AstroNut199+ 114
11CanDev185+ 30
12Pseudo Luxury176+ 45
13Mars Underground160+ 67
14Endrey Album Printing92+ 47
15JazidaProductions90+ 53

(Bold Projects gathered more than 50 votes in the last period, Green went up in rank, Black stayed even, Red went down)

Speaking of blowing away records, even after surpassing the 350 vote milestone, Shane: Barber for Women has shown fierce refusal to take the foot off the pedal! This is indeed a total for the history books!

Speaking of history, in Season 2 of Stir, practically every grant winning team had crossed the 200 vote mark. Currently 9 projects have passed that milestone. By the time it hits midnight on Thursday, I am going to make the confident call, that all 10 and maybe even the top 15 teams this year will pass the 200 vote mark.

The hot potato game of 11th spot continues, this time Codename AstroNut beat out CanDev for the coveted 10th spot. A gamer’s dilemma.

*inaudible sounds from headphones*

OH! Speaking of these spectacular indie games, my producer has told me that you will indeed be able to try the games out for yourself! The Stir XP will have a dedicated section for an Indie Game Showcase!!

As we focus on the top we sometimes forget to take a scan at emerging projects!
That’s why it’s always fun to see the latest projects that jump into the ring. I kid you not, I just did it and another project jumped on! As is the case with projects that jump into the competition in the 11th hour, you have two types. Ones that flutter in to say hi, and those that here to shake up playing field.

Just off screen from the leaderboard, Control N with a poetic name for a new project, jumped onto the platform a couple nights ago. As I mentioned early on in the season, the teams that have mass potential to gain mass votes, are those with multiple founding members. Control N is a group of 5 university students who want to teach STEAM workshops to high school students. With such a team and project coming out of the woodwork, you have to take them seriously, and I tell you no project under 250 votes on the leaderboard is going to have an easy sleep tonight.

Again votes will close on Thursday (tonight) midnight! Vote if you haven’t! Vote for multiple if you wish! If you have already done that, go give another level of support as by sharing a status on social media. Talk to people in real life to gather another vote or two for projects you care about, cause at the end of the day there are real humans behind these numbers and real lives you have the power to change!

This is the last Votes Commentary for Season Three. And before I sign off, I want to personally thank the team behind the curtains! Shoutout to my editor Peldon and the rest of the Stir Crew! Join me and everyone else on the other side of the finish line, at the Stir XP. There will be food, there will games, there will be great conversation. See you on Saturday, Stir Fans. This is Awais signing off, wishing you good luck and happy hustling.

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