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news / commentary 22.06.2017 Words:Awais Bhattee

Season Three Voting Commentary #6


ONE MORE WEEK!!!!! Stir fans we are now amidst the most tense and exciting period. Welcome to the home stretch of this Seasons voting period. I am your host Awais Bhattee and let’s chase down the ever flowing numbers.

As always we begin by looking at where we left off last week.

Season 3 2017: 14 June

RankProject NameVotesChange
1Jessica Dencio SFX197+ 4
2Shane: Barber for Women185+ 15
3The ANU Observer168+ 5
4Tanemaki150+ 2
5CanDev114+ 38
6Strait-Laced Media91+ 10
7Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb88+ 8
8Creative Beasts86+ 28
9w a c o m 4 s t o r i e s84+ 13
10Pseudo Luxury75+ 0
11Mars Underground64+ 4
12Unifest @ UC52+ 0
13Endrey Album Printing45+ 0
14Scrapper43+ 7
=14PatchWords43+ 9

(Bold Projects gathered more than 50 votes in the last period, Green went up in rank, Black stayed even, Red went down)

Having already taken a sneak peek at new total, I can tell you it screams excitement.

Here they are coming on screen!

Season 3 2017: 22 June

RankProject NameVotesChange
1Shane: Barber for Women228+ 43
2Jessica Dencio SFX226+ 29
3The ANU Observer184+ 16
4Tanemaki160+ 10
5Foxes: The Musical by Ribix156+ 128
6CanDev129+ 15
7Creative Beasts121+ 35
8w a c o m 4 s t o r i e s109+ 25
9Strait-Laced Media103+ 12
10Trib. Projects Gallery Refurb90+ 2
11Pseudo Luxury82+ 7
12Mars Underground80+ 16
13Codename AstroNut63+ 21
14Unifest @ UC53+ 1
15Scrapper51+ 8

(Bold Projects gathered more than 50 votes in the last period, Green went up in rank, Black stayed even, Red went down)

A speckle of blue at the top, in what is a tide of green and red this week! No other week this season have we seen such movement on the leaderboard. From 5 last week, to now 9 teams having made a century!! This is no mean feat, as every single vote means trying to convince another human being to listen to your story and take action! This puts into context how amazing it is to see one of the Fresh Feat projects from last week break a century within a week and push into the Top 5.

A fox has been let loose in the hen house! What it has to say is worthy of the stage! Foxes: The Musical is an original production written by two teenagers with a passion for theatre. It is to be performed by Ribix Productions, an amateur theatre company of teens and young adults united by their passion for performance and hoping to change their city with their creativity. This young and talented team staged a play last year called the “The Train Station”. This year they are not only looking to drive in your support but currently also have auditions right now for “Foxes”. Check out their Facebook page for more info.

Looking back at the top it seems that we are going to have an exciting title fight! This might be a punch for punch showdown as Shane: Barber for Women stretches 6 votes ahead of Jessica: Dencio SFX.

Both Creative Beasts and wacom4stories had similar bounds this week to make as much distance from the dotted line as they could. This in turn puts Strait-Laced and Trib Projects in an incredibly scary space. I say this because the teams just under the dotted line are also still very much alive.

Take one last look at this week’s leaderboard that will undoubtedly and dramatically change next week. Notice the phenomenon that every single team in the Top 10 scored votes this week. This is extremely extremely exciting because it shows that every team is alive and kicking as we approach voting deadlines.

The finale is coming up, but like Season 1 and Season 2 will there be a traditional wildcard project coming out again in the last week? If you have friend who is considering joining the competition or hasn’t sought new votes in a while, this is probably their last chance. I implore you to actively talk to them in real life, and encourage them to make a dream come true.

This week’s homework for the viewers is to take a glance at the over 70 projects who have shared their dreams to you this season. Today we only talked about the teams on the leaderboard, but there are many equally as amazing projects not there. Remember a vote also represents another human showing support, and since you are not restricted to only one vote, share and support as many projects that you like.

Next week join Votes Commentary as we report a mere day away from the finish line. This is Awais signing off, wishing you good luck and happy hustling.

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