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news / skill-share 18.09.2017 Words:Caterina Giorgi
Artwork: Lukas Benson

For Purpose Venture p. 3

Part 3: Starting a for purpose venture? Here’s what to consider once you’re airborne

Once you’re established, your work is only just starting. Developing your for purpose venture does not end with setting up a structure and launching a website. It is only just beginning. It is so important that you continue to work on refining your for purpose venture and continuing to remind yourself of your purpose. Each day you should be checking in and asking yourself ‘Are we making a difference?”

Surround yourself with people who know their stuff

While setting up your business structure you may have established a board with a bunch of humans who know their stuff. They will be a valuable source of information. You may also want to think about developing advisory committees, getting a mentor or just having chats with people who know stuff to test ideas.

Do all of the things 

When I decided to take the leap to work on For Purpose as my full time gig, I decided that I needed to change the way that I worked. This included trying to have coffees with 100 people over four months without a specific agenda item, saying yes to attending events and trying as many different things as I could. I wrote about the experience here. I also kept asking people questions about the work that we do, how they found it and whether we could improve.

This included trying to have coffees with 100 people over four months

Change, change, change

Being open to change is key to work that you will do in your social venture. For Purpose is not the entity that I thought up three years ago, I would like to think that it is better than that! The reason for this is because I have adapted, grown, changed our work based on feedback that I’ve received.

I’ve also tried to be really open to acknowledging when something doesn’t work out the way that I thought it would. It is really hard to accept failure and I’m sure that I will fail a lot harder than I have already, but that’s okay – as long as we use it as a way to make things better and creating a greater social impact.

If we aren’t continually adapting to meet the challenges that we are facing (which are often mammoth), then we can’t possibly have the social impact that need to make the change meaningful (and the world a better place).

Special thanks to Caterina Giorgi of For Purpose for writing this article. This is the final part of a three piece series, click here for part 1 and part 2.

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