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news / design-perspective 20.08.2019 Words:Stir Crew

Causing a Stir at ADIM2019

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything.

After Season 04 ended last year, the team behind Stir had to take a break.

Each of us needed to explore different areas of personal development and growth, have some time to reflect and think about who we each want to be, what we need to do to achieve that, and how Stir fits into it all.

It has been trying at times, as Stir has never been a profit-seeking venture. It has always been about answering an evolving question:

How can we empower young and emerging creatives to pursue entrepreneurship meaningfully & successfully?

It has been a rewarding and challenging journey. Exhausting at times, but also exhilarating. We were very lucky to channel the ideas of a group of extremely talented people (#shiftonerepresent), building a Canberra-based community that in various ways supported hundreds of people, engaging thousands of others.

Would you believe that there are currently over 15,000 registered to the platform? Crazy.

So when the opportunity arose to share the story at a global design conference, we thought it would be worth taking a shot.

ADIM2019 was a conference aimed at getting designers together to discuss the roles they play in innovation. To think about design as a tool to develop organisations, influence societies, change industries and improve people’s lives. It was held between the 19th and 21st of June, 2019, in Hackney, London.

We submitted the Stir case study in February… and got accepted.

It’s a summary of the Story of Stir, with some additional comments and lessons we took away from the experience. If you’d like to read it, you can download it here.

It was presented on the second day together with other amazing projects undertaken by young designers from other continents. The moderators of the session were representatives of one of the world’s top designers. It was an absolute honour and a very special experience.

The craziest part of it all is that, at the end of the second day, Stir received an award as one of the top three case studies for the conference! We don’t know exactly how many cases were submitted, but Stir was #122. That means that out of over 120 case studies of design-led innovation from all over the world, Stir stood out as being worth recognising! Double crazy.

We feel really grateful to have been there representing the hundreds of people who took part in making Stir what it is. Every person who has somehow participated as part of the team, attending events, creating projects, voting, commenting, mentoring, funding and sponsoring, you should feel proud.

Proud that in #CBR, we are capable of creating things that can be globally recognised as innovative, as having the potential to develop organisations, influence societies, change industries and improve people’s lives. Maybe even something that has the potential to empower creatives to pursue entrepreneurship. 

To take control of their careers and be who they want to be.

Thank you to all of those people and organisations that have been part of it.


cspo, vward & jp.

(PS:If you’d like Stir to stick around, let us know. We have some ideas for how it could work into the future, but it will take some time, some effort, and potentially some funding. If you have any of these and would like to put them towards seeing a Season 05, get in touch:

(PPS: Slides for the conference presentation are available here.)

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design-perspective 20.08.2019
Causing a Stir at ADIM2019

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