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w a c o m 4 s t o r i e s

Artist, storyteller looking for gear to kickstart my career.

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My story begins during my teenage years, one day when my friend Alex came outside with a pink spray can, asked me “Dude, do you want to become famous 😀?” and started writing his name on a gray wall. This was my first encounter with tagging, the gateway which got me into graffiti. We mostly did it on paper back then and around the block, occasionally hitting the main boulevard. In the neighborhood we went by the name of SK – a shameless acronym for ‘Street Kings’. That is unless you asked anybody living there – for them we were just some stupid kids.

After some years I became uninterested in this scene, but I still had an itch for arts (don’t you do too?). I turned my attention towards the digital medium. Dipping my toes in the likes of Illustrator & Photoshop, making videos with After Effects and experimenting with generative programming through Processing and Touch Designer ~ this step-up from the traditional norm literally blew my mind; I realized that so many things I couldn’t even imagine before were possible – both technically, where you are only limited by your imagination, and in terms of social impact.

So I want to continue my journey in the creative digital arts and possibly pursue this as a freelancing career. In order to do that I need to purchase a Wacom tablet which will allow me to quickly transfer ideas and concepts into the digital medium and more rapidly act on inspiration. Unfortunately at the moment funds don’t allow that. So I really need your help.

Artists, people in need of Art, Designers and people in need of them, Story Tellers and people in need of those ones too.

Why you should support
w a c o m 4 s t o r i e s?

Getting this item will allow me to take my art to a deeper level by refining it, offering me a new medium to work in, it would be a step forward towards my career as a pixel artist.

What is the project’s current state?

So far along the journey I came across a range of technologies and practices regarding computer aided art and have created a few art-pieces, including VJing for a number of events in Canberra. I have most of the technology I need, like good computer, some software and the necessary skills.

Which resources do you need for the project?

The money will go towards the acquisition of a mid-end Wacom-like drawing tablet and purchasing drawing software that will allow me to use my work commercially.

Where will w a c o m 4 s t o r i e s
go in the future?

If I do get the funding I will continue creating works of art and stories, both commercially and out of pleasure, for your pleasure.

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Who is behind w a c o m 4 s t o r i e s?

Pixel Artist

My Skills: storytelling, digital artist, programmer and web design

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