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Unifest @ UC

Unifest is a travelling music, food and art festival bringing a new wave of culture to University Campuses across Australia.

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Music, Food and Art on University Campuses.

UniFest is designed by students for students through hiring interns and talented students to work on every aspect of the festival. This builds cross-faculty networks at each university, creating new opportunities for innovation as relationships are developed during the lead up to the festival.

The primary objective is to inject the participating Universities with a networking platform for the students – leading to collaboration and celebration.

UniFest draws upon the local economy and resources by inviting businesses, artists and musicians from the area and provides them with another platform to promote themselves and grow their brands.

Students, Universities and Local Communities.

Why you should support
Unifest @ UC?

University is a life long experience. By bringing students together to collaborate on a major annual project they are getting industry skills that they can appreciate when the actual festival runs.

What is the project’s current state?

There is currently a team of 8-10 students working on UniFest.

The first edition of the project is validated is in early stages of planning to be trialled at our first University later this year.

A full business model is being drawn up including key financials and marketing plans which can be presented to potential investors.

Which resources do you need for the project?

This project needs sponsorship funding from various sources. This funding will be used to scale the event, hire equipment and push marketing/ merchandise materials.

Where will Unifest @ UC
go in the future?

Unifest will become a sustainable annual event at participating Universities. It will be the premiere event for bringing students and the local community together across Australia.

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Who is behind Unifest @ UC?


My Skills: Entrepreneur and Student

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