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A simple way for people to engage with the world around them.

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The goal of Neer is to change the way people think about sharing multimedia. Instead of just sharing with friends, we share with those around us. The benefit of this is the ability to discover what is actually going on around you and where it’s happening, all in a real-time photo feed.

As an example of the functionality we might implement:
Alice and her friends have just arrived in a new city and are unsure of what to do. They open Neer and see a bunch of photos being taken at a flower festival and really want to check it out. They find out that this flower festival is only a 10 minute walk away and are so happy when they arrive. Neer allowed Alice and her friends to discover interesting things nearby whilst also giving them turn-by-turn directions to the pictures they liked.

David and a bunch of his mates are having a few drinks out in the city. He opens up Neer and sees a lot of photos popping up with his favourite celeb Justin Bieber in them. It turns out Justin Bieber is visiting David’s city and is just around the corner! Him and his mates rush out of the pub to where the photos are being taken and see their idol. This joyous occasion was all made possible through Neer.

The examples above scrape just the surface of the potential uses of Neer. We expect it will exhibit emergent behaviour, where users share content creatively and for different purposes. Today you might be using Neer to find out where the closest beer is, tomorrow you’re meeting Justin Bieber, the possibilities are limitless. This makes the experience exciting and able to evolve based on the users.

Why you should support

Have you ever wanted to find out what events and activities are happening near you right now?

But gave up because it was too much effort or the information was out of date. The Neer mobile app allows users to easily engage with the world and people around them through the use of photos.

On the flip side. Marketing is hard. Especially for small businesses or event promoters who want to advertise their activity, product or service to relevant people in a fast simple way. Neer makes marketing easy. It’s as simple as taking a few photos, uploading them and letting Neer take care of the rest by displaying your images in real-time to people nearby.

The problem we solve helps everyone with a mobile phone. Neer connects people with interesting and real places, people and things happening right now.

Explore your surroundings from your phone, so you can always find and engage with whatever interests you the most. Then go and meet new people and discover! !

Which resources do you need for the project?

We want to bootstrap Neer as fast as possible and get it out to you the user, so we can get your feedback and make improvements as fast as possible. The Stir money will be used to achieve this goal and be used primarily on funding our costly servers, and cloud services. Any excess will be spent on marketing when we launch, which we plan to be in about 6 months time.


Where will Neer
go in the future?

Scaling the project would be the main priority moving forward. Given that this is the final year of university for all our team members we will have a lot time to spend on our startup in the future in order to make it successful.

We see ourselves on the forefront of the next shift in social media: geographical sharing and discovery. Are people really interested in what tweeters are doing on the other side of the world, or do you want to know what’s happening here and now?

Find out more about Neer

Who is behind Neer?


My Skills: Studying software eng and commerce @ANU. Strengths: marketing and user experience development.


Male, 21

My Skills: Studying software engineering. A strong programmer. Professional experience developping applications for Android and iOS.

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