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news / skill-share 11.04.2017 Words:Camilo Potocnjak-Oxman

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Now that Season Three is in full swing, we thought it could be useful for current participants to get some advice on how to gather votes from some of the people who received a Stir Grant during Seasons One and Two.

So without further ado, here are some pointers and useful tips on how to get votes for your projects:


“Show and ask: don’t be afraid to show your work to as many people as possible and make sure that you personally ask for their support – that was the best way for us to get votes”
Liam Osawa was part of the TeachPad team. He’s now focused on ExamineChange.

“Get in touch with people individually either in person or via messages, and start early!  Create a template of your message for your supporter, but remember to tailor it to the individual person you’re pitching to. Always thank those who are quick to vote for you, and for those you think hasn’t, follow up with a kind reminder in a few days (more than one reminder might be needed sometimes!) Don’t be too pushy and remember not to leave it too late. No matter what responses you get, you will always learn something new from your e-pitching.”
Coco Ho is one of the people behind the Vacant Space project. Get in touch with her through to find out more.

“Knowing what your doing different is the key to selling and getting votes on Stir. I practised multiple times how STASS Combs differentiated to normal combs. I refined this to under 30 seconds and used this as a pitch to people to get votes on Stir!”
Jarrod Martins was part of the team behind Stass Combs. He’s now working on PairFit.

“The unknown is scary. You have the right to be scared. But instead of running away from your dreams, be brave and become friends with the unknown.”
Awais Bhattee is a talented educator with a passion for games who worked on CleverBee.

“Connect with the global community around whatever your idea is, become a member of forums etc, support other people’s projects, then ask them to help out yours. But don’t just show up to a community asking for help without them knowing you and expect anything.”
Isaac Dugdale of Persian Rugstore. Recently he was the driving force behind the Wind It Up Festival. You can find him at Gate Five.

“If you are passionate and you know your pitch, then you are set. Pitch the first 20 times, and the next 200 times will come naturally.”
Jeanette Zhang of Trajavu. Find out more about them on their Facebook page.

“I reckon my tip would be to ask other people about their projects, regardless of their specific relationship to your project- getting a run down in person about their approach and their ideas was one of the most valuable things I gained from Stir. Engaging with other passionate people is how i ended up getting to the finish line- I wouldn’t consider myself very self motivated, but Stir was the start of learning I could steal motivation from others haha”
Joshua Ophel of Mythic Games. He’s currently enamored with his art studies. You can find his work on his Instagram.

Thank you to all of the awesome past Stir participants for sharing this advice. We’ll be publishing more tips on how to work on and develop your project over the coming weeks, so keep an eye out.

If you have advice and/or experience with creative projects that you’d like to share with the next generation, send an email to and we’ll get in touch with you.

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