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news / commentary 10.05.2017 Words:Awais Bhattee

Season Three Voting Commentary #02


Welcome back Stir fans! I am your host Awais Bhattee and on this episode of Votes Commentary we will be going over all the juicy numbers that have been squeezed out over the last fortnight.

Let’s start by reminding ourselves where we were last fortnight.

Rank # Project Name Votes
1 The ANU Observer 143
2 Access CV 71
3 Jessica Dencio SFX 69
4 Project Magram 30
5 Scrapper 29
6 CanDev 27
7 PatchWords 25
=7 Sneaker 25
=7 Shane: Barber for Women 25
10 With Grace 21
11 Double Shot 14
=11 Mars Underground 14
=11 TEEM 14
14 Tanemaki 9
15 Botanictwist 7
=15 Amy Ferreira 7

One important figure we were missing last week was the total number of votes cast! This number will tell us not only how far we’ve come week-to-week, but also allows us to compare this year’s data against that of last year.

Last year there were just over 3,500 votes! 

On our first Voting Commentary, we started off with 553 votes! That number has now nearly doubled to 947 votes! And that means some major changes to our leaderboard

Season 3 2017: 10 May

Rank # Project Name Votes
1 The ANU Observer 146
2 Jessica Dencio SFX 120
3 Shane: Barber for Women 82
4 Acess CV 77
5 CanDev 55
6 UniFest @ UC 50
7 wacom4stories 43
8 Endrey Album Printing 42
9 Strait-Laced Media 34
10 Scrapper 32
=10 PatchWords 32
12 Project Magram 31
13 Sneaker 25
14 With Grace 23
15 Mars Underground 22

It’s definitely still early days, which is why we’re seeing such a major shuffle on the board! Our leader, The ANU Observer, maintains itself as the lead, but its margin has all but diminished! Will it continue to be the headline act?

As you can see all the projects in green were the ones that went up in rank. The teams in bold represent big movers and this week we have three teams that got over 50 votes this fortnight.

The talented Jessica Dencio SFX to whom we were introduced last week, continues to apply strong foundation.

Shane: Barber for Women, with the most votes this period (58 votes) has made the cut to be a podium contender! There are some ideas which you see and wonder wow how is this not already a thing. The long and short of it is that this project is providing people comfort and removing barriers to activities that shouldn’t have any. I’m glad this project is doing well, and might I add that it is also pushing out votes without an active Facebook page. This shows you the power that face-to-face conversations have. Never dismiss the power of word of mouth!

What I also really like seeing is when a fresh project pushes really hard and jumps into the leaderboard in its first week. In previous Stir seasons we have seen projects created in the last fortnight of votes contend hard and earn a grant. This fortnight we had three of the six projects that were new make it onto the leaderboard.

UniFest @ UC gathered 50 votes, pedalling the idea of a Music, Art and Food festival that would travel around the universities of Australia like a travelling circus.

w a c o m 4 s t o r i e s tagged 43 votes. This is the story of a street artist entering the digital world, looking to trade in the spray can for a wacom graphics tablet. A sample of the work that his programming fingers can conjure up can be seen in this video.

Endrey Album Printing spun 42 votes to have his first solo album go vinyl! To appreciate the music check out ‘Lost+Found’ on Soundclo

Uh oh! Seems like we’ve run out of time on today’s episode! I really wanted to go on and talk more about the wave of indie game developers on the list. As you can see, there are five related projects along with the CanDev community also having its own project.

But we will end today with a fun statistic, and that is that every single grant winner from last season had at least 5.9% of the total number of votes. Interpret that number as you will, but it is still early days and anything can happen! This is Awais signing off, wishing you good luck and happy hustling.

Looking to see what projects you can vote for this year? Find all Season 3 Projects by clicking here.

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